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Windergy India 2023 Join us to explore India’s wind energy market!

India is taking a giant leap in preparing its renewable sector for the next step: 500 GW non-fossil energy capacity by 2030, of which 50 per cent will come from renewable energy. Many initiatives to reinforce the local generation capacity for on- and offshore wind are taking shape now. Meanwhile, the ambition to establish India as a cost-competitive manufacturing hub for global renewable energy projects attracts major international players (OEM) and related supply chain to the country. Are you aware of the country’s potential and ambitions? We offer you a great opportunity to explore India and its wind energy market during the only comprehensive International Trade Fair and Conference for the Wind sector: WINDERGY 2023.

India’s ambitious goals result in several European countries already formalising their collaboration to tackle new projects in the local wind energy sector. Therefore, the time is right now to organise a collective Dutch participation that will bring you up to date on current developments, enable you to meet relevant stakeholders and gain visibility in this promising market. We have identified WINDERGY India 2023 from 4 to 6 October 2023 at Chennai Trade Centre, as an excellent event to facilitate the Dutch delegation. Backed by the Indian Wind Turbine Manufacturers Association (IWTMA), the 5th edition of this 3-day trade fair and conference will provide a vibrant platform to meet, interact and engage with policymakers, regulatory authorities, international and domestic technology, solutions and service providers from the wind power industry.

Participation in this event is useful for companies throughout the supply chain, active in (pre-)development, installation, supply of goods and services and decommissioning for onshore and offshore wind, as well as related markets such as green hydrogen.

Our offer includes a stand in the dedicated Dutch pavilion, supported by wind & water works, as well as several networking and collective promotion opportunities. The Dutch pavilion is in Hall 2&3 - close to the conference hall entrance, next to the Danish pavilion and opposite the stand of ExxonMobil. With a total floorspace of 96m2 (+ 36m2 optional) we have plenty of room to allocate a stand of your preference (ranging from 9 to 36 m2) while hosting the collective Dutch lounge to provide you with catering and to receive international guests. Speaking slots during the conference (potentially by organising a Dutch wind energy session) are being investigated now. Are you interested to learn more about the possibilities and pricing schedules? Drop us an email and we will get in touch as soon as possible. The event brochure is available HERE. In view of the commercial deadlines and required preparation times, the deadline to book your stand is 1st of June 2023. Not convinced yet? Read more in the text below

INDIA: WIND ENERGY IN A NUTSHELL (with useful links to relevant reports) India is the third-largest carbon emitter in the world, making it crucial to grow wind power generation to decarbonise the energy system. At UNCOP 26, India made a commitment to step up its climate action by reaching 500 GW non-fossil energy capacity by 2030, of which 50 per cent will come from renewable energy. India presently ranks fourth in the world for installed wind-based energy generation capacity (currently 41 GW). The Government of India has been taking several steps to increase the installation of wind energy capacity in the country by promoting wind power projects through private sector investment. For the period up to 2030, it has identified Renewable Energy Zones that include 58 GW of potential wind development areas, of which 10 GW is located offshore.

Offshore With a long coastline of over 7500 km, offshore wind energy development offers a huge potential adding up to 195 GW. In recent years, the Indian government has taken several steps to promote offshore wind projects, including the formulation of a policy framework, whilst the National Institute of Wind Energy (NIWE) has identified several sites along the coastline with good wind potential The States Tamil Nadu of and Gujarat are the major offshore wind project destinations in India, with the first large-scale 500 MW offshore wind project off the coast of Rameswaram expected to be commissioned by 2023-24. Current plans include the transmission system and infrastructure required for 10 GW offshore wind located in Gujarat and Tamil Nadu by 2030. The government has signed several memoranda of understanding with countries such as Denmark, Germany, and the United Kingdom, to collaborate on offshore wind energy development.

Onshore India is the world’s fourth-largest onshore wind market by cumulative installations with 41 GW of capacity. Plans to establish India as a cost-competitive manufacturing hub for renewable energy are an important driver of the green ambitions, supporting its capacity addition and reinforcement of manufacturing capabilities. India's Central Electricity Authority (CEA) has projected an increase in wind power capacity of 40 GW from 2022 to 2027 and 53 GW from 2027 to 2032, amounting to 8 GW of new installations per year in next 5 years.

Hydrogen It is also significant to mention India's goals of utilising the enormous potential of its 195 GW of offshore energy. Central and State Governments are working together in making this a reality. The power generated from renewable energy can be transformed into transportable power in the form of Green Hydrogen, Ammonia and Methane. India’s Green Hydrogen mission, issued in January 2023, estimates that production capacity is likely to reach at least 5 MMT per annum, with an associated renewable energy capacity addition of about 125 GW.


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